Hon Geert Wilders Dutch Leader

"EuroTrump" - Documentary on the campaign
of Dutch Leader Hon Mr. Geert Wilders  

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This powerful documentary made by an American crew visiting Europe for the purpose has some disturbing images previously not a situation which would ever been a factor in Europe - such as brazenly evil sounding calls for the death of non moslems by extremist mullah types even making a "home" at present for themselves in Europe even with the baggage of carrying on with a mindset oriented as such rhetoric would indicate - without a doubt and for which reason courageous European Leaders like Mr. Wilders, Marie LePenn and others want the threat removed altogether and the situation restored to one of western Christianly values and views being the only accepted mode of being thinking and living in their own space.

For my part I must say I've met extremely nice moslems in the other parts of the planet where I spent my first few years, not feeling a part of their fabric in any real way despite their numbers in our midst, yet feeling safe back then as they were in their own space in their own minds, and free to be caring to one another in their own respected ways and without a word of extremist trouble makers trying to flog sharia law or other radical ideas that have come forth following the devastation of Iraq and the fall of Iran too, perhaps to the mullah mindset leading atop there unfortunately for the moment.

This must be the solution - an elimination of all terrorism intent mindsets who wish to inflict this sort of evil while hiding behind an excuse that religious duty calls. No sane, good decent human being does evil jut because a religious call is what he claims to be adhering to -  he is either misguided or incorrigible and the appropriate sanctions must be securely in place - where they belong. NO MORE sharia patrols around the bars of Denmark or "no go zones" in Sweden where

these sub cultures and enclaves set against western peace and security of ideas and values have themselves dug in with European Police force members of Sweden not safe to come into as we have read in press reports along the way. No more in our space of this nonsense! This is our home as western minded folks. Please be happier in your own space equally I submit with care.

And no more so called "just wars" against the decent peoples who would have been victims in Iraq of this bigotry against the human spirit that George Galloway condemns in defacto manner of the George Bush and Tony Blair pose which was intent on causing harm without fair minded Christianly thinking as I believe that many who suffered and died were better people tan all too many set upon them in that evil war as is my position to this day.

The invasion of europe by Jihadist minded people is not the answer - take your complaints to those who were personally the cause of the evil that was exhibited against innocent Iraqis and leave the vast majority of westerners in peace to remain spiritually in better shape than those who cut off heads and limbs and inflict hangings and floggings for the poor souls in their midst who for the most part are better minded "christianly" spirits who don't want to be told that "music is forbidden" simply by a lunatic who has no idea of witch reason to exist - other than it is apparent - to oppress the human spirit. Such types must not be allowed to rule on our planet - set any pf our policies - or pretend to have any wisdom. They must be pariahs and consider themselves an inanity on the planet we have tolerated hearing from and seeing around for too long a period now. Bush and Blair should be tried for war crimes against nicer people than their sort (the two personally that is) in Iraq personally I say!

Thanks to Mr Geert Wilders for having responded with acknowledgements to my many emails to him over the years in support of a Christianly minded crusade against all ideas which disturb that peace by seeking to exert itself instead. A woman with moslem religious garb says in the documentary that she is "just as Dutch" as a blue eyed blonde Dutchwoman - because she asserts she is born in Holland and that should be the end of it. It doesn't appear that simple minded idea of being equal to share ideas will work anymore Not if good men like Wilders are able to win.on his right minded ideas of real fairness instead.  

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo documentaries uploads on the net)..