Evelyn (Ireland) (moviesbyrizzo)  

Evelyn (2002) - story set in Ireland
starring Mr. Pierce Brosnan 

ita lex scripta
("thus is the law written")
Latin quote: Bonus judex secundum aequum et bonum judicat
et aequitatem strictae legi praefert
"A good judge will in general always prefer the right outcome, rather
than what you achieve when misapplying the law in strictest fashion instead"

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This nice movie is set entirely in Ireland although we are afforded some contrast in the style of the lawyer caliber in Ireland versus a character from America offering a contrast similar in effect to what you see in "The remains of the day" where Christopher Reeve's character is considered as opposed to the peers from Europe with whom his interactions are seen in a position of great contrast in both style and manner, and certainly with respect to the substance in his articulation
 on matters. 

If you haven't yet reviewed "The Remains of the day" to share with the world, I ask that you might wish to join in with this great mission to bring crucial questions affecting our future in this regard and to see that all those involved in the debate as stakeholders be brought in for the sake of what is come for our children in what will be the legacy of what it is that we are now getting up to with respect to views on the whole scope of the range of crucial quality of life issues that are involved for us all here. Evelyn is a lovely movie in its picturesque scenes and gives you a real nice picture quality indeed. If you love the people of Ireland, and most French hearted people seem unable to resist, this would be a movie you'd want in on. There was a welling up of tears for me personally towards the end, in what was a cathartic moment in a movie otherwise fraught with grief at the incompetent handling of what was a clear enough case of a miscarriage of justice. what we are given is a legalistic approach to the application of laws on the all too often made mistake of taking the approach that "if that's the law, it must be right and therefore enforced as such". Very important in this regard is to take note of the disposition and manner of the relevant judges in the affair who assert the position that "quite clearly, that's the law" is a good enough argument to allow a case to fail without any show of moral indignation in connecting with the validity of the position being advocated in fact. As such, I think you should be mindful that style and manner should never substitute for substance on issues and if you come with the right heart on matters, your mind is sure to follow with competence in all that is due to those affected by your decisions in such life and death matters that are at stake in a custody battle that involves the state pitted against a man trying to save his children from the harshness being inflicted on them in boarding school care by a religious order that runs it with misguided figures working as nuns. I've long argued at the EU and with European heads of state in my email campaigns that the Irish people including those in Australia give us a Christianly voice on matters that must be heard. I will always stand by this view. 

On the other hand we are not infallible as a human race and must see that it is possible for completely opposing views to be heard from the same quarters or so it seems. Both sides cannot be altogether right when they say the opposite is true on an issue. we therefore must retain our franchise and vote with our hearts and with our heads never giving up our desire for the right outcome or our efforts to make them so. I hope you enjoy this movie about a family set in Ireland where you certainly will find the dearest of people. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman