Fading Gigolo Fading Gigolo
 (John Turturro -2013)


Latin quote:
Ad juga cur faciles populi, cur saeva volented regna pati pereunt?
"Why are people so docile to the yoke , why do they perish, willing
to endure cruel tyranny?"

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This movie looks to see whether men with the human genius radiating like John Turtorro who has a core of idealism which does have beauty to the greatest extent it seems by comparison can make some money offering intimacy companionship and certainly sexual encounters too to women (even a couple of women at a time simultaneously) allowing a character such as his friend played by Woody Allen to act as "Agent" or "go-between" for pay additionally.

I personally believe a fella should never take money from a woman unless she has
money to burn (Martha Stewart etc) in which case he should use the money to
make other warmly spirited gals happier in the drudgery of what life is when you
are poor in respect of finances certainly.

I do my bit along the way it seems, about a coupla years ago I frequented a
pub in downtown toronto and fell head over heels with a blonde (Germanic
British) woman of Irish spirit who has the most supreme spirit showing (mirroring
my own instincts equally i know) and has likewise as me, the articulation prowess
to make poor Prince Harry (at windsor castle) kick himself silly to have made the
wrong choice by any comparison for crissakes for Princess by picking some
other gal by contrast from what i hear.

Anyway I gladly tipped this gal well over a thou over a space of
a couple of months as "lunch money" for her and it gave me the biggest
thrill Ive ever had doing anything like it. I had no doubt we both enjoyed
our interactions as we could have with no one else (true for us both I
believe to this day)

Pity she couldn't remain faithful in our interactions when I last then
saw her as she was a bit playfully perhaps overdoing it with a guest from
some other part of the planet (not for my benefit surely) so I
have only been back once since to give her and her beautifully
spirited co-workers a little something for christmas each.

A man has no need for money other than to make our womenfolk
happy I say and believe (sensibly of course) - if it came down to
it, as a single man, I'd give the gal in question my rent money too -
and no doubt she saved me from that at the time. Oh well I'll
soon be rich enough to offer her retirement I think - a gal of that
royal character charm and endowment of the most supreme
human beauty should be spared manual labour on this planet
no doubt I say - with all m heart!

thats why I love hearing Michael Bolton do "when a man loves
a woman" (etc) because i sure do know how to pick 'em nicely
enough to have made me thrillingly happy - ecstatic even -
along the way! ta!

enjoy this "passe" movie

Michael Rizzo Chessman