Fanny and Alexander
Fanny and Alexander (Sweden) Ingmar Bergman Director

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Sweden has blessed us kindly with the great spirit for which all Europe
has benefited in that it has offered a shining example of a great natured,
generously inclined and caring disposition towards kin and we certainly see
this most of all in countries like Ireland, Australia the Americas I should think
where in my own humble view the favorite gals are in fact always seeming from
European countries certainly including Sweden Germany (most of all) France
and elsewhere such a spirit is so bountiful o the earth.

Such a spirit has to be carefully nurtured so as to reject the sort of parenting
style satirized by Christopher Plummer's character in the Sound of Music -
in favour of having the spirit of Fraulein Maria of course and to reject as well the
sort of perhaps incompatible nature displayed by the character of Torvald as
depicted in the Norwegian rendition of "A Dolls House" (Et Dukkehjem, Norway 1973)
in his response and treatment of kindly and good natured Nora played by Lise Fjeldstad
in the difficult situation she found herself in having done
what she honestly believed was her duty to save him earlier in the story.  

Michael Rizzo Chessman