Foyle's War

Suum cuique decus posteritas rependit 
"Posterity gives to each man what remains for his due"

Foyle's war (ITV) (Sir Michael Kitchen)

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This is a great wartime British (2002-2015) series
co-starring the likes of Rosamund Pike, Charles
Dance and Sir Edward Fox at the outset of it all.
Many other notable actors from other such well
known British programming along the way. k)

Interesting situations which clearly register as
clearly an anachronism now such as a hotel guest
on signing in being reminded that as a Jew they
ordinarily under the circumstances wouldn't be
allowed to have him as guest however they cue him
just to keep away from planned gatherings about in
order to maintain his cover.

There's also a ghastly outpouring of misogynist
seeming anti-German related sentimentality of the
period when a man spews hatefully about being glad
at the murder of a German woman left behind,
resenting her motor car even, and saying "she got
what was coming to her" as he apparently lost
someone closer to him in the war equally seeming
to the seeming rant he gets consumed with in a spirit
needing counsel I suppose in order to get on at some
point with life post war.

Michael Rizzo Chessman