Gabrielle (2005)   

si vis amari, ama!
Yiou have to be capable of being loving yourself 
- if you wish to be loved!

Gabrielle (2005) Isabelle Huppert

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This is a movie from France starring Isabelle Huppert (White material) who is married to a man who tells us at the very beginning that he always felt love was a "bother" to him as a concept of anything he would personally have felt the need to personally experience or be involved with. But he says apparently as he has been told "all men do fall in love" so perhaps this is so for him too in regards to his wife (Isabelle Huppert) somehow therefore.

He speaks to her in rather negative fashion and seems to berate her perhaps even with the same underlying mindset too no doubt as does Torvald in speaking to Nora in the Norwegian version of "A Dolls House" (Et Dukkehjem in Norwegian - 1973)

There is some interesting banter amongst their dinner guests who seem to be brainstorming to come up with some or other pearl of wisdom perhaps in what are human affairs going from one extreme to the other in range of topic from moment to moment it would appear.

By the end of the movie he decides he cannot accept a situation where he is married to a woman as beautiful as Isabelle Huppert is by comparison to his own appeal to her in a situation where she confesses that she does in fact not love him - and is prepared
to live on with him with that truth told, nonetheless. He leaves and according to the text on the screen, "Never is to return" to her.

Michael Rizzo Chessman