(1981) Mel Gibson

Solet esse in dubiis pro consilio temeritas
even Rashness is apt to be thought good enough Judgment in
doubtful circumstances

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It's interesting that greatness is often considered expendable by the completely inane. In any event that was the manner of the British commanders disposition towards the great men of Australia caught up in the war against the Turks. John McDermott (formerly of Scotland and low living in Canada) has sung the great song "and the band played waltzing Matilda" which speaks to this war and its devastation on a good buncha men that should never have bothered to make the sacrifice as it was not worth the price for us collectively considering alternatives at hand. This is a must have movie in every library, however although I never reveal an ending I have to tell you not to bother if you cant handle tragedy and grief befalling our great human spirited men from "down under" a far better sort than the British officer in the movie who considers them undisciplined by comparison to his orn crowd - missing the ball altogether in what ultimately truly matters in what is the human spirit he is blind to - as seen even in the way the movie ends I submit with care.

Michael Rizzo Chessman