Gangs of New York
Gangs of New York
(2002) Martin Scorsese
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Man has lived through such periods of uncertainly and insanity with respect to threats of brutal violence and the experience of it additionally, often in periods of merciless bloodletting and cruelty (as is evident too in the movie Titus which we have coming to you soon starring Mr Anthony Hopkins) that little remains of all too many men in regards to real human functioning anymore and instead its actually just feigning and superficial politeness that remains all too often as such men seek to vent their condition which results from all this, through negative functioning which mainly includes radiating hatefully as a result in some bid to express a need to be even with the environments that cause such dysfunctionalities to be present.

Men who are good in their true natures and are strong enough to face the challenges posed by having to confront evils that arise in their midst set against their better nature will provide the best model for what is to come in the sustenance of human life on the planet in a manner that will stand the test of time, weather the storms that are inevitable given the nature of man as it exists in others that oppose good and decent spirits on the earth.

Michael Rizzo Chessman