The General's daughter 


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Some Hollywood backroom boys in the script writing business it would appear can get off
on giving us material that in the light of day, just looks like misogyny and verbal abuse towards icons who in their own minds aren't equal to the mindset they project in the alternative I'd say.

For example John Travolta is scripted to say that he only has "balls" at the end of this movie
when in fact in real life and in the movie script he shows he also has truest idealism of those
in the scene when he is scripted to say such nonsense. His lines include having to say to a lovely and beautifully spirited soul of a dearest gal Ms. Leslie Stefanson, that he enjoys having a bath with "pink soaps" and "skin softeners" Someone could take it on the chin for handing him such a maliciously written potentially and abusive to his psyche, set of lines. Nor would Travolta stand by while poor Leslie Stefanson has to use a wrench to change a spare tire on a car, those things are heavy enough for a man, let alone a sensitive (for real) woman. Let alone being strangled too - god save us all from seeing such horrid thoughts as this exist around us I submit!

The worst of it is scenes in which our dear gal is completely naked lying on the ground, tied to restraints and in the severest distress to her spirit and in grief for her soul in what is depicted for us all to bear. Its time for a complete changing of the guard in the accounting department and the backroom areas in Hollywood where such fantasies are projected into actual scripts and funded with black money for us to all be insanely subjected to. No more of this shit eh!

Anyway, a serious role for John Travolta which he carries with competence and with credibility  additionally no doubt.

Michael Rizzo Chessman