Germany Pale Mother

Germany Pale Mother (1980) 

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This German made movie looks at the irony involved in a German soldier of sensible disposition personally, otherwise, no doubt, being yet committed to being involved and in fact being married to a woman (I believe she is a Greek woman actress in fact) who could well have been a woman of Jewish descent - no different than what present day Israel would yield in a survey on the streets quite likely in any search for similar presenting females of about her age there too. The point is driven home when in a scene at the beginning, the woman pricks her finger on a needle and the German man playfully of course, responds by sucking on the wound to make it go away. This brings to mind of course that German men were in fact involved in bloodshed (deaths in any event) at that very moment of similar women at concentration camps throughout Europe. What would have been the appeal for such a marriage to have been contemplated by either side given the realities at the time and even perhaps, now I should think?

Michael Rizzo Chessman