Sic cogitandum ets tanquam aliquis in pectus intimum inspicere possit
A man should so think that he could allow anyone to look into his innermost heart 

The Godfather Trilogy (1972 - 1990) Mr. Al Pacino, Ms. Diane Keaton Mr. Marlon Brando

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This is the greatest of movies about the mob in America and it shows our best Mr Al Pacino in a role ihe wants to break out of, saying he plans to "go legal" as a man of greatest strength and sense of related idealism equally, Mr. Pacino's character needs better scripting to show off his better talents and human genius above all else such as displayed in his hugely successful role
in "And justice for all" what a great human being! (The ending scene especially in his clearly
showing sense of unmatched greatest sanity and idealism at the core coming through as
clearly as it does for a man of his greatest ilk - and in "Glengarry Glen Ross" - the man with
the best instincts for business above all.

Lets cheer him on to ever greater and greater heights based on his truest merits rather than
typecast him in any other way as to negate his worth in some malicious desire to "level the
playing field" as seems too often to be so instead, ta! grazie

Michael Rizzo Chessman