Summum jus, summa injuria
"Extreme law is likely merely extreme injustice"

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Good evening Mr. Wallenberg (1990) - (Sweden)

Much to learn from the lessons of WWII - most particularly - how to pick 
what is good and bad in both barrels of apples that were involved (on both 
sides that is) as no nation has perfect peoples in all of their citizens, and 
to pick ALL of a nation is in fact an act of sheer stupidity and barbaric 
madness that is still destroying us today hat want to put the past behind 
us in a way that will allow for the best spirit to survive and to reign once 
more free of guilt from all this - as the best people could never have been 
guilty in their hearts of anything evil - if they just look at it straight enough 
to bring perspective to bear. Not everyone was Hitler and ultimately he was 
the bastard that all need to bury forever - as the villain to all he pretended 
to be fair to, or openly victimized as he did.

May god restore the Christian spirit to its rightful place as what will now
define Germany Sweden Italy Holland France and elsewhere as the best way
forward - leaving all other ideas of "supremacist" in the trash where they 

Speaking of which his movie stars the great Swedish actor from "oxen (the ox)" 
Stellan Skarsgard as Raoul Wallenberg a man only of slight Jewish ancestry I 
understand, saved many thousands of Jews in Hungary with his intervention 
having traveled there and risked his own life to do.

There is a brutally disturbing scene in this movie, when an obviously imbecilic
soldier in the German army, uses cruelty that is unfathomable for a man like
myself who prides himself of a code of chivalry as he heartlessly and savagely
beats an apparently Hungarian blonde Jewish woman about the head and her body
using the butt of his rifle which causes much blood to flow from her being.

I do hate seeing such scenes of barbarity and I do hope such types are never
again seen to represent Germany in any respect whatsoever - as what are the 
good people of Germany - so many many of them, should never be tainted with 
having a conscience that is at the level of this soldier committing such a heinous
crime as this. No good German woman or good German man would have stood 
for it ever I believe had they witnessed such a thing, and they shouldn't be blamed 
for the few many freaks who were on TV doing their dastardly business to keep 
themselves going in what was their thrill back then I believe. , 


Michael Rizzo Chessman