Goodfellas (1990) Robert De Niro   Goodfellas (1990)


Robert De Niro

Paul Sorvino

Joe Pesci

Ray Liotta
Goodfellas (1990)  

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This is a great movie for those of us that love Robert De Niro especially,
I believe and is a mob flick not to be missed by all his fans I say! I
take exception to particular remarks by Director Scorsese as I am not
sure who he is referring to as having an "evil streak" in him - cause it
sure ain't De Niro even if the character he is scripted to play is controversial at times. In fact the most "god like" man (in his sense of decency) I have ever met - a gentleman named Clement who along with his beautiful wife Anila owns an Italian cafe in Toronto's busy St Lawrence Market is certainly Italian genre to my way of thinking although he comes from Albania most recently I'm told. Please don't taint all men of this stock with negative stereotypes that are patently without merit. I can only say in an opposing manner that they will be I sincerely believe, surely the best we will find on this earth in what is to come I believe in a re-connecting with the greatest ideals we are collectively capable of once more as a human race - with men like Deniro Al Pacino and even Clement etc setting the example rather than Scorsese's scripted characters I think. A couple of special song selections from the soundtrack include such numbers as
Tony Bennett singing "rags to riches"

Michael Rizzo Chessman