gorky park  Gorky Park (1983)

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This movie is set mainly in Moscow and the surrounding area, with some shots in Stockholm Sweden additionally. Its about an intelligence Officer played by American actor William Hurt who investigates a gruesome murder of three mutilated bodies, with the chief suspect being a character played by William Hurt (also American actor of well known fame - from the movie Dirty Dozen, and many more such notable films) . Holden plays a dealer in Sables fur and their common love interest (a French accented brunette of Russian origin as scripted). Its very interesting that for me by the way, the main point also made in the movie is that the great actor Brian Dennehy (from "Presumed Innocent" featuring Harrison Ford and dear Ms. Greta Scacchi - "White Mischief -1987" bombshell - she remains atop our related site at 10mostbeautifulwomen.com) plays a New York Detective bearing his "gold shield" while claiming to be of Russian descent, and in fact he says of his character that he plays in this movie, that he learned to speak his native tongue of Russian before ever having had to learn any English instead. enjoy the movie

Michael Rizzo Chessman