Gorod Zero
Gorod Zero


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Apparently not a storyline that would catch any interest, the scripting is shallow it seems,
however the warmth of the people to each other , the stunning beauty of Europe found in
Russia having survived till now (causes envy and evil to come to their very border in order
to seek to destroy this angelic beauty as you see on the image enclosed - similar looking
gal to Sarah whom I once got served by at a Tim Hortons coffee shop here and just had to
tip her a fifty. The level of spirit of such gals in Russia will blow your mind if you are in fact
capable of appreciating this level of spirit at its best with the fullest receiprocal merit)

At the time a place under "political watch" similar to the German movie "The lives of
others" depicting East German police state types in an era of lack of freedom from
surveillance and lack of freedom of "reasonably free speech", etc.

There's many men shown in this movie from Russia who despite looking quite similar
to characters from German, French or other such movies, have a decidedly powerful
seeming underlying spirit of human beauty linking one to another here in what is a
family unit with some merit instead of what we see planet wide with degeneration in
such concepts as family and community mindedness going to the dogs as it were.
The men here are real in their caring for women - bar none around here fer shure!
Enjoy the dance room scenes as they waltz and swing to the great Hollywood music
of the era

Michael Rizzo Chessman