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Deligas tantum quem diligas
"Only choose such a man as you can love"

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Grease (1978)
- based on the Broadway musical

Grease is one of the best all time musicals in the harvest of great songs done by great stars - Olivia Newton John and John Travolta is also a star!

How much has this culture changed over the decades? They certainly aren't making movies today without a cast the is racially diverse enough so as to appear to have plagiarized and hijacked the work from what is clearly would have been instead the intent of the original writers work in character depiction and social contextual portrayal of real and probable plot ideas and themes.

In one scene at a school dance, the rules are read out for those assembled.

They include:

1) No profanity or obnoxious behavior
2) Dance partner teams are to be "Boy and girl" combinations ONLY
(many girls used to dance with gals back then so they could be safe
in case they didn't like any of the guys, or while waiting to be asked by one they could accept)

It is true that there is flexibility in the range of experiences that
the human genre could be put through as it has these past decade or two. The problem few have recognized is that it isn't a sustainable model - we are made as we are - and we can only stretch so far for the sake of others who do not consider the discomfort from trying to make us over "anyways" realizing full well that it is only causing dissonance and resentment - is better that all do their best in their own areas of credence.

Whatever happened to the notion of a romantic date? (rather
than the crude "does she put out" kind of mindsets being inflicted on
a "nice gal" - its a cruel thing to do and movies could set a better example for who are good enough men to come through with better learning instead). I say "Learn to truly love and to be fair to your own kind completely and most importantly - bear in mind who it is that deserves what it is you have to give - and shun all else that opposes your better spirit".

Michael Rizzo Chessman