Sufficit tibi gratia mea - My grace is alone sufficient for thee
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habemus papam (2011)
- stars Ms. Margherits Buy and Mr Michael Piccolo

This movie features the most beautiful actress in all of Italy - 
Ms. Margherita Buy and a real nicest man of Europe - Mr. Michael Piccoli
who could well be German as much as he is of Italian stock.

Subtitles are included for English, along with Dutch French Greek Polish
Portuguese - brazil Romanian Serbian and Spanish

The movie looks at whether the Pope is chosen from men as being above
reproach in normal human frailties, and with special qualities instead -
in such matters as intellect, moral superiority of spirit and in general
with merit that should justify his call to such highest office. In particular
the man must be protective of family unit and women and children most of all
if he is to be almost as "god on earth" to many in whatever manner

Its a fun movie and I quite enjoyed seeing it myself - Michael Piccolo's
character in the movie is still one of a greatest man - far above the
caliber of the multicultural misfits we are shown as playing on the team too -
as hopeful equals someday no doubt.

Now if only they would nay the hitting of little girls by even little boys -
even in such apparently minor skirmishes as shown in the movie for discussion -
it is an anathema for the best of men that must be emphatically driven home
for all concerned (the subject is only touched on in this movie). The gals of
Italy such as the gal shown are the most precious a gift from God and must
be treated dearly and with all the care we can muster instead - god forbid
we do otherwise in this way!

Michael Rizzo Chessman