Herzsprung (Germany 1992)

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This is a tale set in East Germany about the time of reunification.
A soon to be unemployed woman loses her abusive German husband who dies soon after being shown as being a misfit who brutally mistreats her in a cruelly savage manner showing no regard for human decency in his display of a male psyche perhaps, which lacks validity as being sane.

She gives up being a blonde presenting woman and dyes her hair and begins to look less likely to be given the better treatment she previously would have been seen to be accustomed to by others in her midst no doubt.

In a town of skinheads and Turkish actors in this movie too, and unfortunately she chooses a liason on a rebound, with a black man with polite features (who has other romantic loyalties and ties of his own as we see) and does not appear up to the job of giving her what she wants as a reasonable alternative choice either to what she is otherwise presented with in her town.

In the end he is killed too, by locals who cannot accept the inter-racial affair between these two (which had just seemingly come to an end in any event)

Women must be given a sane enough choice to maintain their spirit, their sanity and their ability to give of themselves and share on merit wherever they choose to find companionship in this respect even on the whole planet (why not South America even instead). In the end we must be fair to all concerned

Michael Rizzo Chessman