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Hotel Mumbai (2018)

Although French audio is included in the itunes movie file download we just got from them, we chose not to use it as it would be completely inappropriate to see a movie set in India about hostage takers there who are local to that community, speak French, as no value could be gained from doing so except to retard the image of the characters being portrayed as French is not Germain to the culture being described or the characters involved who have to be heard and considered in their natural element and sounds as they speak in what is their own language - and it is for this reason that subtitles were invented folks. Some parts should be played by those characters to whom it is in fact most relevant to the story being told and in the demographically considered setting in which accuracy can be best attained in experiencing the viewing of the movie as a piece of literature intended to inform rather than carelessly seek to kowtow to one side or other despite all lack of merit in so doing. Counter-productive in fact I say! So we have given you the French subs too instead, as contained in the MP4 we downloaded for you. Merci for your kind understanding comrades.

This movie is ostensibly about a group of Islamic minded terrorists who take over a posh Hotel in India intent on causing harm in service of religious dogma and seeking cash for their families and even possibly too, paradise in the hereafter as the logic goes.

In fact it is not so as the movie unfolds and we consider all that is being shown as the storyline and the seeming undercurrents which the script writing team is arguing in fact - the truth be told.

Right at the start of the movie, when the ringleader purporting to be inciting a group to terrorist attack of a completely random seeming nature (no attempt is made to identify the victims of the mass shootings, their religious or racial or cultural belongings or
affiliations. Instead the ringleader couches their mission as a "bid to get even with those who have done better socially and economically" than the poor families from which apparently this group of so-couched attackers is from. I believe that speaks to the growing mentality we see unfolding on the planet, encouraged by many many leading voices in the west who don't seem western concerned, that those on the planet who haven't done as well in the past as those in Western areas mainly are owed some idea of "justice" Nothing else seems to fit what they are trying to sell us as why this group would be cast and scripted this way, with commands coming from their leader via cellphone throughout that mainly seems altogether rudderless as to whom to kill and why - he even asks them to kill a Pakistani woman (they are couched as being from Pakistan too) who is praying to God to have her life spared or in any event for grace from such cruelty an being saved somehow - and he does so making no attempt to explain why he would do so, except sounding as Hitler on the phone, he reminds them that their mission is "to kill" This goes as well for the heroic  Russian official who is also included in the cast and story additionally as he falls "victim" to have "invaded Afghanistan" as an afterthought as to why he would be a victim - and yet we know the Russians went in there as saviours. into apparent quicksand as all have found that terrain to be mentally exhausting as that turns out in short time. One would wonder what is to be gained from all of it all ultimately too - as Russia and other western countries have stood to gain nothing by involvement there other than to restrain barbaric seeming attacks on women and children by Taliban related fighters in the mountains there.

I remember commenting to the Irish seeming (brunette minded) schoolteacher I lived with at the time Janet was her name- that European lives should not be put at risk with no sanity attached to this in areas of the planet that the Russians (to whom I was referring our of concern and deep caring for our folks there always) should pull out as the cost of remaining seemed without such justification, relatively speaking.

I also want to say in fairness that the (miscast seeming) men shown as attackers are quite typical of many such I know were in Tanzania where I spent my early years, and they were in my experience not at all seeming unfriendly around to deal with.  I do not see why we need cast them in this manner - hell they present (disregarding their scripted acts of senseless killing etc - in a bigoted bid to typecast unfairly it would seem) even nicer than the depicted Indian police elements  actors picked for this movie, from what I know from experience  in fact and so I can only say that those who have a malicious bent on the planet, a witch like hatred of good spirits - such as the ISIS mindset that has cropped up everywhere terrorism seems a threat, the use of religious excuse is simply that - an excuse as no one with sanity, decency and ideas of human conscience is misled into believing that senseless killing (evil as we see it for crissakes) is in fact "god ordained" for the special nuts (in their own cursed minds) that choose to assert it as such. The script is written to favour Sikh religious types as more willing to be accommodating despite what the movie argues is such beliefs as having Holy ideas as to wearing a turban, or Hindu related of worshiping cows as is related too in the movie for obvious reason of contrast of the competing mindsets there.

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Michael Rizzo Chessman


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