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and Ms.

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ta and merci

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This upload is a response to a request from Lissa @aol email
address who said how happy and pleased she has been with what
she referred to as the privilege of having had many of our movies
and TV series downloaded from our net uploads and was anxious
for more of Tony Danza - we have "Who's the Boss" -
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series for free in nice quality at CTV site on the net
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Tony here plays a Senior New York Detective, along with Christine
Dunford I loved this series which I thank Lissa for bringing to my
attention Its Starring and even Executive produced by our own
Tony Danza - non better I say than men of his genuine sanity,
related sense of idealism and generous spirit of human virtue.
Amen. I also completely loved watching "Kirby" played by British
schooled Broadway stage actress Ms. Christine Dunford
blonde bombshell although Tony also has a fling with a brunette
reporter who is about as attractive a brunette I've ever come
across on TV - lovely spirit for her mindset here too. great stuff

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo upl)