Incident at Restigouche

"Incident at Restigouche" -
Police Brutality incident - Quebec

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Despite being someone who has never been anything but a critic of all the countless billions it seems spent on claims and settlements in favour of Native Indian Tribes in canada and elsewhere against what are the fairness considerations due to the majority who have settled lands previously not discovered by those who made it into the country which it has become, despite all that I do feel that Police Brutality must be repelled where there ain't no reason under the sun to be showing it off in such style and manner as we witness on this footage and the bigoted mind of the Judge in the case retired as not fit to serve in good christianly conscience as it makes us no better than any other third world area normally notoriously normally known instead for a lack of humane treatment of dissidents

The Indian men shown as targets of bigoted assaults by Police seem as nice enough folk as you often see around this country to deserve better - no reason for how they were treated - none I say! I think they
should still sue

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo documentaries)