Judgment at nuremberg

Judgment at Nuremberg

Latin quote: Si turpa sunt  quae facis, quid refert neminem scire cum
tu scias?
"If what you do (or think) is disgraceful, what does it matter
even if nobody else knows or can even guess? (After all you still do)"

ita volerunt ita factum est "so they wished it so it was done"

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Stars include Spencer Tracy,  Richard Widmark,  Marlene Dietrich and Maximilian Schell with some incredibly outstanding performances from the great cast assembled for this documentary styled movie.

What happened during the war didn't just include massive loss of life, it included displays of barbarity and inhumane cruelty ostensibly perhaps in a show of some sort of superiority which only goes to show that such a mind as was inflicted upon all too many innocent people was hardly that. Anything but superior.
It was obvious evil as evidenced by the way it was carried out, and given the apparent natures of those involved in the worst offenses against human beings all throughout Europe back then.

Michael Rizzo Chessman