Suum cuique decus posteritas rependit 
"Posterity gives to each man what remains for his due"

Kavanagh QC  (1995) (starring Sir John Thaw)

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Kavanagh QC stars the great Mr. John Thaw of Inspector Morse fame equally He s a man of real Irish spirit - French natured too - with the best Germanic intellect to boot. Probably most at home in Australia I gather

This is a look at the workings of the British legal system of justice in criminal cases - even with an opportunity to see black judges at work amidst such high standards as these (seasons four and five). And black staff and prisoners too in various episodes cross the seasons

This is an important series for those that want a better examination of how the Irish spirited folk
(John Thaw in this series equally) are doing with
their experiment of racial integration and
multiculturalism that is inevitable from the effort
such as it is. Sir John Thaw sadly passed away from
cancer at a relatively young age Many thousands
sent letters and cards to him during his final days
in hospital

He is missed by his fans, may he rest in peace

Michael Rizzo Chessman