Suum cuique decus posteritas rependit 
"Posterity gives to each man what is his due"

Kavanagh QC (1995)

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Kavanagh QC stars the great Mr. John Thaw of Inspector Morse fame equally
He s a man of real Irish spirit - French natured even - with the best Germanic
intellect to boot. Probably most a home in Australia I would venture to add

This is a look at the workings of the British legal system of justice
in criminal cases - even with an opportunity to see black judges at work
amidst such high standards as these (seasons four and five). And black staff
and prisoners too in various episodes cross the seasons

This is an important series for those that want a better examination of
how the Irish spirited folk (John Thaw in this series equally) are doing
with their experiment of racial integration and multiculturalism that is 
inevitable from the effort such as it is.

I personally find it difficult viewing at times and cannot think other than
that John Thaw must have quite a knack for "holding his nose" at the farce
that unfolds in what are seeming inane interactions at times that cross 
cultural boundaries of understanding as the minds involved are undoubtedly
differently formed on the matters at a level that goes beyond simple

Then I have to wonder if the man has been better off for his experiment
- more attuned to something we are missing - more happy with his family
connections around him in celebration of the Irish spirit equally. Does
he feel more of a Christian, despite its effect on others. Perhaps he is
only just asleep at the wheel. Then again perhaps his seeming complacent
comes from having yet to awake since he started on this course to see what
others cannot fail to see - he is involved in a destructive course of action
that could yet be devastating for Europe if he is allowed to lead on these
issues I daresay. He needs to regain perspective he left behind on the
continent perhaps.

Sir John Thaw sadly passed away from cancer at a relatively young age
Many thousands sent letters and cards to him during his final days in hospital

He is missed by his fans, may he rest in peace

Michael Rizzo Chessman