King of Devils Island  King of Devil's Island (2010)

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This is a movie about an Island prison run "in an environment which is brutal" according to the Prison warden played by famous Swedish actor Mr. Stellan Skarsgrd (The Ox - Oxen - movie from Sweden we have posted here for you too stars him too in an altogether differently spirited role) What most stood out for me was the unfortunate lines handed Skarsgrd (who would in my own view of the matter be too nice to utter such an inanity), in one particular scene where in order to destroy the spirit of a nice young man (a boy even perhaps given his age), he refers to the young chap as "worthless as his whore of a mother no doubt was too". That is a cruel thing to do to a chap of his spirit and is normally an expression used by those who are alien to his Irish spirit, who lack better judgement in the affair and are normally better targets for such accusations of mental functioning instead - since the word "whore" when properly used refers to those who cannot give a fuck (pardon my French on this rare ocassion - I've never used this word on the net before) to those deserving souls in our midst, rather than those kindly women, who have such spirit as to have care to spare. Thanks for your care of the precious Irish spirit which still remains on the planet - thanks be to god

Michael Rizzo Chessman