Lady Chatterley's lover Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981)

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This is a movie based on D.H. Lawrence's novel about a man who becomes unable to have sex as a result of a crippling war injury and finds he has to live with the reality of allowing his wife to have a lover to keep her going in this respect, while he attempts to keep his marriage in a holding pattern while hoping for a son and heir from his wife's ultimate choice of lover with whom he would agree to share his wife for the purpose of procreation additionally. The lover she takes and becomes "with child" with, is the gamekeeper on the property and this is as it turns out quite unacceptable to the husband as being socially beneath contempt given his lot in life as it were as a servant in the first place. My final comment is that all too many men on this planet it seems in places of our concern may feel they are able to "give a fuck' (pardon the expression) in a physical sense and feel adequate as human beings from being able to do so, I am on a crusade to make people realize that they also have to live with the ability to care in genuine spirit for those merited partners they feel entitled to in the end, or it is in fact a similarly lacking relationship as is offered by the husband in the novel as he has neither the ability to care physically or emotionally in good spirit. Its sad to see how James treats Hazel in the British "Upstairs downstairs" series, and Darcy towards Elizabeth right at the outset of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" and even the character of "Torvald" in ""A Doll's House" in Henrik Ibsen's Norwegian 1973 version of the production we have posted here for you.

 Michael Rizzo Chessman