Land of mine - German   land of mine (2015)

language,  Denmark location)


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This movie from Denmark shows some unfortunate German prisoners of war being relegated to treatment as inhuman
beings as they are used to clear landmines in a manner as to suggest they were dispensable altogether for what was seen to have been the crime of the century - starting the war in europe
to weed out so called "lesser beings" to what is German - yet one
would be hard pressed to determine what criteria was actually used in any reasonable enough fashion, or logic, or idea of true merit from the core, or even basic human decency.

It is sad to now see movies like "The white massai" which suggests a good enough man of true German idealistic spirit no doubt being relegated equally to being inferior to the "blood comsuming" Kenyan massai warrior with which
the actress (dear) Fr
äulein Nina Hoss takes up with instead. How disgusting an idea for those who would have wanted things saner on our planet.

If dear Nina Hoss is to do as well (or even better elsewhere) she would have to seek real compatibility based on common roots from Europe (to avoid alienated treatment and true human goodness which comes from the spirit which should be at the core and not superficially radiating on the surface - as that only makes witches
over time) and as well a polite attitude which is fair towards Nina, something that at the present time none other than the best of Irish spirited men will give her on this planet I still believe truly with all my heart, in particular Spain and Italy most of all I'm quite certain now.

Please seed our movies as we aim for a better planet for Nina Hoss
and those who would best be her partner in the future and take good care of her dear spirit - ultimately its all that is truly worth fighting for I believe

Michael Rizzo Chessman