Felix qui quod amat defendere fortier audet-
Happy is he who dares to stoutly defend that which he loves

Le Survenant (The Outlander) 2005

Funded by telecom giant (Quebec HQ Bell Canada)
media division Quebec Culture fund

This French made movie from Quebec includes an outbreak of violent behaviour similar to what is seen in a  "bar-room brawl" in a room filled with men along with some women.

It begins when a man who feels he is bigger or somehow more "physically stronger" than the man a woman in the room is with, decides to take her from him (perhaps just for the night it seems) based mainly on his superior (in his own view in the moment
no doubt) merit of "being able to threaten violence" possibly.

When women are willing to share of themselves amongst men (especially when there is a shortage of women around), and such women are willing to have more than one man, on the basis that each of them has merit enough, but none have enough merit to claim the
woman exclusively for too long a period of time, this must be done in civilized and decent manner in such western societies as these and may be a sign of things to come as relationships become more occasional or on special occassions or in any event non-protracted between parties (a man and a willing woman) getting together for periods at a time.

Physical force alone can hardly prevail without merit, as life would be ultimately then possibly as "Hobbes" described it in his book "Leviathan" as in a state of nature" absent of civil society and understanding, a life for men which becomes "nasty brutish and short"

Michael Rizzo Chessman