Dominique Swain  Lolita (1997)

Latin quote:
Ad juga cur faciles populi, cur saeva volented regna pati pereunt?
"Why are people so docile to the yoke , why do they perish, willing
to endure cruel tyranny?"

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This movie features Jeremy Irons as a man fixated on a young gal who is already sexually experienced, but whom Iron's character looks upon as a "demon" of sorts perhaps that he apparently thinks he understands better than the rest of the souls out there and feels entitled to for himself.

His character certainly is posited as evil, in respect additionally
to his wanting to kill the girls mother for some reason, although the woman in question (played by Melanie Griffith) seems a pretty open minded sort in the sort of horseplay she allows her daughter with Jeremy Irons in this flick.

An added bonus is a deleted scene in which Irons plays out his fantasy of killing off beautiful Melanie Griffith (who doesnt turn him on too it seems - perhaps she is too much of the opposite to his idea of "demon" to be of interest to him). What a sorry way to be for such a character as scripted.

Some cultures do tolerate sex for a gal of "Lolita's" age. The age of consent was only in recent years raised here in Canada under the Harper regime. Mainly its being taken advantage of by seemingly wicked or honestly unloving men as is played by Irons that a good many people fear, who favour the higher ages for
consent for young gals as these.

Michael Rizzo Chessman