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Love and savagery (2009)

You might remember the scene from the movie "Evelyn" (Ireland 2002) wherein a nun defrauds sorta a dear young 
genuinely Irish spirited gal out of her sanity (almost - ultimately it might seem intended to do) by telling her if she 
didn't sleep with her arms crossed "the devil would get her". Then there's the violence by a nun which our dear little 
Irish spirited soul of a gal stood up against saying a loud "NO!" to seeing it go on, as this was the gal with the conscience 
showing rather than the woman employed as "nun" for whatever benefits that would have brought her courtesy of the 
church hierarchy and trappings which go along I suppose. 

Well this movie of romantic potential sees a young woman trapped by a vow made as a child that she would be 
servant to the church as a nun rather than be married to a man she might meet and fall in love with someday, as we 
are given to believe, that god feels slighted in such a case as her giving her affections elsewhere. Now don't that sound 
like hogwash to any sane, decent true Christianly soul I say to you! Hell, the man she meets is even savagely given a 
brutal beating and near drowning by locals caught up in what is certainly not Christianly believing or decency, but rather 
jealously and plain evil I would say, in what it is they do to the poor man, even if some would call them misguided only, 
as it takes a certain level of stupidity in the area of conscience to be that misled as to do such a thing to this former 
Irish boy from canada's Newfoundland province, albeit on Irish soil instead for the time being, in pursuit of the dear gal
in question. One thing I'll say for him, he is certainly stubborn if not pigheaded too I suppose when asked by all concerned 
to head back home or at least to "lay off" by the gal (played by Sarah Greene") herself included at times. Allan Hawco 
also stared in the main role in the CBC production "The republic of Doyle" 

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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