Maigret (Michael Gambon)

"Maigret" - Michael Gambon
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Download episode D1E2 Maigret and the Burglar's wife

Download episode D1E3 Maigret goes to school

Download episode D1E3 Maigret and the Hotel Majestic

Download episode D4E2 Maigret and the Minister

This truly great "must have" series for Euro fans brought to you this time in

Chief Inspector Maigret is a British cultured Frenchman of the greatest spirit.
His wife in the early episodes is played by the lovely Ms. Ciaran Madden - a much
more likely match for our Dear Chief Inspector than is the later picked Ms. Flynn
for the same role, in my own view in any event.

This beautiful series is set in Paris, France but with a mainly British cast
set amidst a French backdrop of lovely music and great picturesque settings
of French elegance.

Maigret with Michael Gambon is a lovely series with an interesting script
and I hope it will live forever, along with the spirit of this greatest of
men - from France. Michael Gambon has greatness in him that should really
just rule on the planet we believe - and yes - and will I'm sure- certainly too!

Thanks for sharing

Michael Rizzo Chessman