A Man for all Seasons (moviesbyrizzo)

The man for all seasons (1966) Mr. Paul Scofield
"The will of man is by his reason swayed"
  (Shakespeare - A midsummer nights dream)

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This is the tale of Sir Thomas Moore vs King Henry VIII who broke
away from Rome and established his own authority over the Church
in place of the Pope over his desires for the ability to divorce at
will. including in the circumstances when his Queen could not bear
him a son and heir. He saw no reason that the Church would be in
any position to deny him a divorce in such a case as I say including
this. For his part, Sir Thomas Moore as Chancellor refuses to go
along with any dispensation from the Pope allowing the king to
divorce or to publicly swear an oath accepting the legitimacy
of such a divorce and remarriage as required by the king. He is
threatened with death for refusing to swear the oath to a King
who is clearly right in regards to his own desires, but
unquestionably wrong in threatening so harsh a punishment for
a man such as Moore as execution, for Moore's own religious views
which he feels prevent him from agreeing to give public support.
Moore's daughter points out that if he were to simply feign, use the
words required, but be true in his heart, that should be all a good
God should see as his real position in regards to being conscionable
in the affair. Moore disagrees and says God looks at the words you
use, even if those words are spoken under duress or in a case of
extortion as this. How shortsighted of Moore's character I
suggest! (In this case its only a divorce that's in question, and why
should Moore think himself a better man to stick couples together
no matter what situations come up or transpire after being
married I say! Would you insist a woman remain in an abusive
marriage for example simply from being dogmatic in following
certain verses rather than truly Christianly spirited reasoning
as to what should prevail instead. Then there's the case of a
woman who bribes Moore with a silver cup for a friendly verdict
in a case she has before the courts. She explains it was in her
mind alright to do so as she though her own mindset should prevail
in the case, she feigns by using the expression "In my own mind" which
is how she says it. when defending her actions to Leo McKern
(Rumpole) and all too many that have a common functioning bond in
this regard, always feel that it is right enough that the outcome
favours their own mindset regardless of whether merit in
Christianly spirit is actually on their side, rather than possibly
the reverse.

Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman