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A movie about the fight for an Ireland Free of 700 years of British rule.

A number of great stars in this movie including Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn
and even Charles Dance (White Mischief 1987 alongside beautiful Greta Scacchi
back then)

While Julia Roberts has a role in this movie, I personally would have picked
someone else with some local talent instead - Ive never much liked her presence
on the screen.

A great story told with much attention to detail for accurate depiction of
the characters involved an the action which is very well directed by
Writer/Director Mr. Neil Jordan captures for imagination at every moment.

The Irish are meant to lead - and with the likes of Aidan Quinn especially
(I'm thinking about his presence in the movie we just posted for you - "Song
for a Raggy boy") (Ireland Film Board) and such men would be equally right at
home next door in Italy etc too where the greatest leaders come from especially
I believe! A great coming together of compatibly like minds!

Enjoy this great movie experience

Michael Rizzo Chessman