Spes est salutis ubi hominem objurgat pudor
"There is hope of real salvation only where a man does 
feel reproached by a sense of shame for his sin"

mississippi burning - stars Mr. Gene hackman Ms Frances McDormand

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This movie is a look back to the days of segregation, a look at
racial tensions amid violence related to different camps having
different ties.

The tragedy of the movie for me was the most of all improper treatment
of violence towards women (poor Ms Frances McDormand) - as men are never to
treat women as capable of being brutally beaten as though they were men equally.
A real man (sensibly so) never could do so to a woman in fact,  and real women will
always go insane from witnessing such ideas gaining acceptance. Time to arrest this
development and altogether see it out of town, fully in reverse gear!

Michael Rizzo Chessman