mladic image  The Trial of Ratko Mladic

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As you can see from the picture of this lovely woman of Moslem
descent, there is no reason to justify mass rape and genocide
against all the men of her community to begin, along with the
disappearance from their communities in Bosnia of pretty much
all moslem members of their communities there (Moslems were
the majority over the other community members at the time
independence from Yugoslavia came to be).

As we can see looking around our world today, many who in the
past put on airs of sociability and "white competence" in such
regards turned out to be made of the wrong values underneath
seeing the situation around and thinking back to all the atrocities
connected to such ideas of primacy and its implementation as such
going back to the times of the second world war just even in order to establish the lack of legitimacy in any such goals as we see now
that merited folks in the capacity to care for their folks were
targeted over those lacking the endowment similarly as we now
see of their orientation to family concepts instead. There seems
little objection today in so-called european circles outside Russia
itself that is expressing the right level of angst at the "out of the
closet" negativity/outright rejection and banning approach to
traditional human norms in human values and related concepts of
kin, of commitment and devotion to family and god in whatever
concept of that you might best achieve humanist worthy wisdom
thereby in what notions of kowtow to some superior creative force
might be.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo documentary uploads)