Moscow tears   Moscow does not believe in tears (1980)

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This is an Oscar award winning movie which won Russia Best Film that year in the non domestic category of the Academy Awards - and well deserved too I might add. Also launching in a few minutes is "The Russians are coming" - a timely movie too at this time I would venture to add with all due respect to the detractors of the great peoples of Russia in their bid to re-constitute their territories in some manner of partnership offerings, in whatever manner which best befits mankind ultimately in being the most fair, I submit with all due care. I haven't seen any better peoples anywhere of Europe than the Europeans in Russia who are just a stone throw away - but why see them that way, when the border is in fact not relevant when you see what they are - the best of peoples of european descent - CLEARLY - in that they have survived relatively unscathed from the degeneration which has been witnessed just about everywhere else related, as their endowment at the origin has been good to them no doubt. Best to go on with the best of what we have and make the best or even better as we learn from mistakes and strive to benefit from this experience which has brought mankind to such sobriety over recent decades in world events. It is no longer as it was back in the days of the Cold war era - its now a blue blooded Russian (blue eyed blonde in fact) of an Irish spirited man in the person of President Vladmir Putin staring down the Bush mindset rather than the personalities seemingly portrayed at times in stereotypes offered by the media in decades of bygone era times now. God bless our great folks of Russia in all of the Christianly virtue they bring to our world at this greatest time of need which they uniquely seem to achieve for the benefit of the entire whole that is to come in matters as they unfold, god willing

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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