Multiculturalism - Australia documentary
Documentary - fighting the multicultural onslaught in Australia


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This is a  look at the negative stereotypes of failed immigrant ideas into Western regions
still going strong with humanistic cultural ideas of their own kinship variety such
as in australia and New Zealand in the main, showing a directcontrast and clash between
the parties which altogether seems to spell doom for the experiment going any further it
would appear. One black woman of middle eastern religious roots (wearing a moslem
traditional headscarfe - a tradition for some in the school of thought) says that Australians
have to welcome them into their homes who have her background and equally accept
her religious ideals on an equal footing if there is to be an idea of fairness - indicating
which of her own religious holidays and observances should be given a degree of respect
equally no doubt.

An Aussie fella points out that leaders in Europe (we have these clips posted at our site at have clearly made statements that such ideas of breaking down
western cultural standards in favour of demands from elsewhere are no longer to be accepted.

In my own humble view I say that the mideastern types for example, of merit are best in my own experiences seen in their own areas of belonging where the sense of kinship love for one another and human warmth is second to none in any sense to speak of right now, and so i believe that is where they will find it best - freeof oppressive regimes especially of theocratic based rule I submit as that is often inhumane in practice such as in saudi where sharia law often dictates amputations ordered by mulla judges and beheadings and floggings commonplace. my favourite folks and area for western tourism in the mideast is Lebanon and equally so iran - after a change of regime which will come peacefully no doubt. Stay out eh Geroge Bush types with your bombs - yer not needed there either!

Michael Rizzo Chessman