Sui cuique mores fingunt fortunam 
A man's fortune is by his manners fashioned

Murder on the Orient Express (TV version) (2010) - 
based on the novel by dame agatha Christie

This is a review of an HDTV offering from 2010 starring David Suchet
as Hercule Poirot 
in Dame Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express"
also with Ms. Barbara Hershey

This is a great exposée of Multicultural defects when we find that being a "Klutz"
at the art of cultural finesse can actually cause the loss of life of a good man
(to his own comrade's view that is) in a situation where someone does not know
the degree to which impugning a man's sense of honour can be "just too much of
an attack in style and rhetoric" to be seen as bearable - to the extent of 
bringing on suicide - would you believe! David Suchet does not seem "westerly"
literate as scripted at the very start of the program I have to say! A British
soldier is thereby lost in what is a death intended to restore Regimental and 
familial honour perhaps.

Michael Rizzo Chessman