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My father my Lord
(Israel 2007) David Volach Director

Brief glimpse from the movie: (Review follows below)

This movie is a rather difficult one to discuss. I want to start off by stating that there is a rather disturbing scene (for me) towards the beginning where the young children of Israel are asked to recite versus from a text which recount Abraham's near "sacrifice" of his son "Isaac" to the full extent of even mentioning the knife that was raised - all in a manner that suggests that full acceptance of the account to the fullest extent as known to the major religions originating in the mid-east - all appear to accept as certainly without a doubt to an intelligent, believing mind they appear to think should. I was myself initially raised around moslems and Christians even in a small town in Tanzania and didn't encounter this possible conflict of conscience earlier or at the British run Boarding school I went to there some years later. I was later around the christian church services in Canada many years later and had dear friends there and gals i hoped to marry someday - as their spirit is the stuff of an angel (in my own view) you will find, quite often here among the Irish in particular who are raised in this manner. All I want to say, finally, is that as founder of a Humanist thinking based website (a single page at eurohumanist.org) I am calling for continued critical discussion of the story of Abraham and Isaac as it is told most commonly, as I think it myself to be outside my own conscience to accept even the remotest possibility that any idea of a 'Good God" would call upon his earthly servant to kill an innocent child (the child wasn't being accused of having a bad spirit or anything - this was apparently some sort of test of obedience we are told) simply to show quite clearly even blind sort of compliance thinking and mentality contrary to the ideas of morally sound reasoning as a reasonable man not religiously indoctrinated would believe I submit - in my own case anyway.

Michael Rizzo Chessman