Nowhere in Africa (German)

"See kindly appeal for our folks in white South Africa)
link shown at bottom:

This movie is about some Germans of Jewish ancestry or religious 
affiliation along the way too perhaps (they are described as being mainly 
secular in their thinking at the IMDB link too), heading to Africa to escape 
Hitler over in Germany.

Its interesting that a documentary from we recently posted here
about African leader Mugabe shows him making the statement that he'd like
to be Hitler too (to those who oppose him or are different from his own sort)
- so it doesn't seem that such nice white folks as are shown can somehow 
escape a Hitler in their midst eventually no matter where they choose to make 
a home in civilized beautiful fashion they are known for, as evil it would
appear will exist until we stamp it out and eliminate all such threats to good folk
who should by rights be able to exist instead of, in safety, security and full 
adundence of what fruits may be yielded from the bounties of the earth.

Which brings me to South Africa, where the threats of genocide keep looming
against white folks there - some of the best the finest folks on the earth, while
evils is all around causing their plight to be ignored while charlatans and sophists
secretly back the other side pretending its their latest ideas of "promoting
human rights" since whites there are tainted with being the only so-called
"racists" it would seem - what a blatantly false and evil double standard
they are being subjected too, and many in poor living conditions amounting
to being in a state of squalor.  See more at our webpage of concern posted 
here for you here about a young Dutch gal (similar spirit to what's in this movie) 
shown here:

Thanks for showing your support for folks at 
risk down there it seems

Michael Rizzo Chessman