God (1977)

Oh God, (1977) Mr. George Burns, Ms. Terri Garr,  along with country singer Mr. John Denver

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This movie stars George Burns (he does a great song sing to "I wish I were 18 again" You'll find the clip posted at sites on the net including youtube - well worth listening to I say - very well done! Also posted at our related music site musicfromrizzo.com

This movie asks whether if God came down to earth in the form of a
man (for arguments sake) he would have satisfied our idealism
perspectives in what sanity he would bring to us in responding to
questions - some timeless questions in fact - and whether his so
- considered "flock of sheep" in congregations would be still
following along with church leaders seeming mainly to want to sate
on desires to deceive, to exploit and to lust after whatever it is
they are in fact practicing as a lifestyle behind closed doors such
as hate for all but money and the like perhaps.

George Burns plays "god" no one seems to mind that its a human
image form on that screen purporting to be god for crissakes - we
know its just to serve a purpose in a depiction which is made use of
simply for arguments sake to show that no matter what image is
used - no doubt here's always likely some question as to why the
image fails to satisfy any persons or all persons idea of
"infallibility" in regards to whatever interpretation  they might
place on "perfection" as all would expect any man form to be
perfect - if he is  claiming to be god for crissakes - especially in
how he lives what example he sets and  what it is he says. At the end
of the movie he offers seeming no help at that point to the 
character played by Country star John Denver whose job he cost him
as a Manager at a  supermarket along the way at the cost to his
wife and family that included dear Ms. Teri Garr for crissakes -
where's the perfection in that? So its not scripted to show god as
any  better at the end of it all than whatever musings in the
backrooms of hollywood one might  see emanate from all the smoke
billowing back there as the wheels churn in the minds of  those
involved - fallible minds of course as we have no doubt seen
invariably along the  way - all that observe as carefully as one
might expect and critical engagement of the  sanest minds equally
I submit with care.

Michael Rizzo Chessman