heu melior quanto sors tua sorte mea
(translated from the latin for you here):
"alas, how much better is your lot than mine"

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Once upon a time in America (1984)
Mr. Robert De Niro, Ms. tuesday weld

This movie stars the great Mr. Robert De Niro - the greatest of men in my own estimation based on the most valid criteria ultimately I believe. There's also an appearance or two by the lovely and gorgeous looking Ms.  Tuesday Weld, being cast as a somewhat naughty girl (with masochistic tendencies even perhaps - as scripted) - however not the best of ideas I say. Rather offensive in fact speaking as a gentleman on these matters.

It is my belief that given adequate resource allocation fairness and a reasonable responding pattern to what is the human greatness of the men of Italy such as De Niro (he's Irish too) the problems of so called "crime" (illegal prostitution rings, gambling joints, and so forth) would not be problems at all but would be legalized and regulated for
purposes of fair taxation in the interests of the community.

These are great men that are made as De Niro at the core, and must be given the reins over the whole economy ultimately in my own view once again with due respect.

Enjoy the show - although it opens with an ugly scene of a spirited woman being shot by a group of gangsters invading her home - no way to show Italian men or Irish women in movies anymore I must say and emphatically so. We are better than this, speaking as fully
a man of Italy in spirit and Irish compatriot too with regards to our womenfolk that is.

Michael Rizzo Chessman