Ondskan (Evil) (2003) (Sweden) (moviesbyrizzo) Ondskan  (2003) Sweden

Latin quote:
Ad juga cur faciles populi, cur saeva volented regna pati pereunt?
"Why are people so docile to the yoke , why do they perish, willing
to endure cruel tyranny?"

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This Oscar nominated for Best foreign language Movie at the Academy Awards that year. Stars Swedish actor Mr. Andreas Wilson as Eric Ponti. Also Stars as (Marja) the truly beautiful and lovely spirited gal from her native of Finland Ms. Linda Zilliacus (born as Linda Elvira Gyllenberg) This story is about Eric Ponti, a seemingly nice and humanly spirited humane character for the role, in this movie set in his Swedish homeland. This young chap is treated with abuse and neglect throughout the movie with nothing much more than abusive insults (being called Evil for getting into a fight at school - reasons for the particular fight unknown), is browbeaten and beaten senselessly by his wicked and insanely cruel step-father it would appear, and then when sent off to boarding school (turns out to be an insane asylum of sorts from what impression it left on me as viewer) where mericiless cruelties of the inane school master driven bunch of kids who seem to have no knowledge of their own genre it would appear - some were no doubt alien to this nice Irish man's spirit. Thank goodness for the lovely Marja - perhaps the most preserved beauty there yet is on the planet it seems - god bless for a nice enough ending I don't mind adding - except for the fate of the romance (spoiler alert) with this gal which was left up in the air it seems. We really have to make the planet a better place for these two folks who star in the movie - or all will be lost I fear to have to add

Michael Rizzo Chessman