Deligas tantum quem diligas
"Only choose such a man as you can love"

One fine day (1996) - Michelle pfeiffer with George Clooney
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There aren't too many capable scriptwriters in Hollywood who know anything about true love and real romance. They do know about confusion, hysteria, bickering, demeaning, being malicious and generally retarded about what it is the stuff is truly all about.

As such when they find a shallow script such as this one, they feel they've done their job - as after all they did put together stars with potential - and the rest wasn't meant to happen in any other way of a nice outcome than  that at least they tried to make it look like an effort - however pathetic that may be.

We do learn something of dysfunctional children - a result of incompetent circumstances  of child rearing along the way - with no clue other than by gosh and by golly - and  little real love there too for when mom and dad deserve it too as no one wants to second guess a child other than to read them the rules of when bedtimes are to observed as adequate enough measure of respect for their own parents equally! such as that is - tut tut

No child should have the pent up anger that causes him to strike at his mother as does this young boy while his mother is asleep and so is the audience I gather - as i would have a heart attack seeing a gal as Michelle Pfeiffer acted upon in what is against her spirit - even if its only a shallow scriptwriter who is to blame rather than the nice kid I bet!

George Clooney has some nice Irish-Italian appeal with some Greek and Spanish macho tendencies thrown in too - the stuff of real romance given the lovely Germanic Michelle Pfeiffer is "to die for" equally - and then some! What a lovely gal!

Yet we do not see this potential explored in any real way, simply avoidance and obfuscation by the reluctant story teller to do otherwise - so as to have seemed apologetic all the way - lest anything become of this prospect after all - god forbid it would seem!

At the end of it, its an incompetent lot that tell a story of an incompetent culture that has yet to define its success in any other way than a compliance with the inane of whatever goes - on TV! how sad that is after all

Other than catchwords and buzzwords and speaking in feigns - no romantic wisdom is apparent it seems and therefore none to speak of in fact!

Michael Rizzo Chessman