A Passage to India

Latin quote: Ales volat propriis
"The bird flies to its own"
A passage to india (1984)

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This film is about the clash between East and West i n a way which drives home the point that when people get together, they have to leave feeling somehow edified by the experience - otherwise, why bother making the effort in the first place? An East Indian man has a negative experience with "English peoples" whom he describes as "always sticking together". For her part, the British actress in the movie has to recover from a perception of the threat of rape amidst scary circumstances! For the British, the allure of India is a discovery that could be well sorted out before beginning the journey - with a view to better defining what goals they wish to meet and what to expect of it all for all others of those concerned with their desires on the planet as stakeholders as it were.

Michael Rizzo Chessman