Pinochet's last stand (BBC) (2006)

factum est illud
(some deeds may not be undoable)

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This movie starring Derek Jacobi (I Claudius) in the main role shows an
aging senile and volatile Pinochet held by the Brits in lavish style while
debate raged on as to what legal ploy or feign as it were might be
availed of by the government seeking to defeat obviously those
wanting to see Pinochet tried for cries against humanity in the brutality
of his regime against his own people - the people of Chile who
experienced torture in massive numbers along with disappearances
and such cruelties as rape and if you want to consider the gross
details, our previous witness account from the upload of "santiago
Italia" speaks of such barbaric misogynistic and inhuman cruelties as
applying electric shocks to womens breasts and genitalia in a bid
to curb liberal or left wing views considered extreme perhaps by the
Pinochet junta - or perhaps just the cruelties of the day by some misfits
in the army and secret police apparatus playing out sadistically
against the population under cover of "maintaining order" and
"keeping control" and "curbing dissent"

The movie starts out with the claims that the CIA backed coup which
brought this dictator to power and whose administration in Chile had
US backing apparently regardless of the widely known about cruelty
of the regime (comparable to Saddam in some respects too no doubt)
and with Lady Thatcher paying him respects while held in Britain
hoping he would escape justice as one would see it based on all
accounts, the explanation lies in the suggestions on various websites
on the Internet which speak to the period in a bid to defend his human
rights abuses perhaps as on the whole to be taken into account with
the huge economic gains made for decades following Pinochet's
takeover and his market reforms and capitalist model to replace the
communistic oppression of the Allende regime instead as is the
view of those backing Pinochet. The claim is that Castro killed as
many perhaps? (To promote his communist regime and keep it in
place) (Check sites on the net for more on such claims) Communism
is undoubtedly too a lousy way to exist and too kills the human spirit!

So the question is

1) Was Pinochet the lesser of two evils (as it were) in the minds of his
Western backers and observers,  in regards to human rights abuses
(communism abuses human sanity too in the case of those of merit
who deserve better than to be oppressed for those of lesser quality of
producer for the economy and society including the Arts etc)

2) Could he defend any of the abuses which took place in his own
mind as being somehow needed to intimidate the majority to go
along with his ideas for the country - despite the lack of democratic
support at the outset we are told - as many dictators have taken to
extreme measures to control huger populations through the infliction
of fear so as to maintain rule of their own - such as Saddam might
have believed in keeping the religious fundamentalists and even ISIS
extremists from taking over all over in the mideast as the Bush regime
was warned could be the outcome if Saddam was taken down and
what clearly seems to have followed through as consequences
following - the new mantra now being to "support democracy" as the
US seeks to justify their action against Iraq even though the
oppressive spirit of theocracy to replace secular governments has
therefore resulted to reared its ugliness instead. How hypocritical.

Ultimately history must decide - I do not believe that from what has
been described of the period, even by my own dear brother in law
Jose Beltran, now of Edmonton Canada - a saintly man - imprisoned
by the regime - no doubt in my mind excesses did take place by
rotten apples who cannot be considered sane in what was carried out
and the degree of abuses and cruelties meted out in sadistic fashion
for crissakes

Never too late for justice I say, however all things must betaken into
account and those unfit to live in our midst as being of inhuman mind
in what was seen of them during this period - that the maximum
penalty apply or none of us are safe ever - in our desire to exist sanely
on the planet instead,

Thanks for sharing - gracias too - especially to such great great men
as are those from Spain as my brother in law Jose has always been -
couldn't fathom to imagine a nicer man than him - thank god for Jose
of Spain on this planet today I say - and forever more - amen to that
Bro for such kindness of heart as I have never seen!

Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo uploads)