Planet of tthe apes

The planet of the apes series (1968-1973)
- starring Mr. Charlton Heston

Latin quote:
Nulli jactantius moerent quam qui maxime laetantur
Its often that those pretending to mourn the situation in most earnest
or even ostentatious manner - that are instead on-side with what's happening
and are instead underneath rejoicing most of all.

Stare decisis, et non movere quieta
"To go along with previous decisions (even when blatantly a wrong thing to
do when sanely considered) and not disturb the status quo"

(Common maxim used in legal circles in this North American circles and elsewhere ..)

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1968 (series premiere) Planet of the apes  download now

1970 sequel Beneath the planet of the apes  download now

1971 sequel Escape from the planet of the apes  download now

1972 sequel Conquest of the planet of the apes  download now
(Click here for alternate ending scene of the film)

1973 final episode of the earlier series Battle for the planet of the apes  download now

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There are too many people who don't realize the powerful truths that
were being told in this movie series about how it is that life presently
exists on the earth for all too many I'm afraid to say.

As too many on the planet only "follow a feign" or some kind of pattern
of behaviors that gives no real meaning to what is a human indeed
humane existence, this movie tells much more than many would like to
have told, in fact.

So, for those that have the best human qualities, it is a continual
struggle for survival and domination over the planet, given the numbers
that are fundamentally opposed to seeing life forms exist based on
merit in what is the allocation of resources, relatively speaking.

The statement made by the leader of the apes who seems in the
 process of taking over the planet in the 1972 installment of the movie
 series (English edition version) is that even if man does become
 somehow under the rule of apes, that the spirit of what is man should
 never be oppressed even if it were so in respect of who rules on the
 earth. The control by ape-like oppressors is about to end ... I know.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is interesting that
 Charlton Heston should be described as "an ugly human" by the
 female ape he gave a kiss on the cheek to. "To each his own" I guess

These important satirical movies perhaps suggest back then that in the
 future humans may seem stupid to those that may inhabit or dominate
 the earth instead that lack human minds and may as is the case in
 these movies be apes of some kind instead. Is there such a mindset
 forming on the earth right now? I hope not but history suggests we
 beware as the best functioning humans seem rarely to be given credit
 anymore for objectively functioning better in regards to such human
 faculties as having capacity for genuine empathy where merited
and related emotive and cognitive capacities to go along with it I
 would say.

Michael Rizzo Chessman

I come to bury "Caesar", not to praise him;
The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones,
So let it be with "Caesar"