Plenty - Ms. Meryl Streep

Plenty (1985) Ms. Meryl Streep, Charles Dance
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I've always been a fan of British culture because somehow I always felt called upon to engage my best sense of idealism and strive to the highest standards in my articulation on matters and in my judgments of people and matters at hand.

Ultimately I have found my studies in Western philosophy at The University of Alberta gave me a great boost to my base of wisdom from which to make decisions using wisdom from the Greek philosophers and British and German mainly too. I added all this knowledge to what comes naturally to me as a man of fundamentally Italian mores in ideas of how men should be of genuine goodness and real spirit.

I believe that we must not retard anyone from functioning more normally so that they have to cue and feign a lot and constantly kowtow to a system which requires a mericless regimen in this regard. In this respect I'm hoping for a better outcome for the human race which is to form in the future from these stocks of European beauty from just using a bit of gentle persuasion on matters of wisdom so that good enough people can accept what is good and right and decent and remain so ultimately for the rest of our existence perhaps even, on this planet.

British literature has much to offer, we learn much about the negative aspects of what forms of human nature in some cases for example in that of "Darcy" in Pride and prejudice etc. We must be better than that, and other examples we are given in British literature of where one may fall short of being good in our lives towards one another and our community as a whole.

I do love Meryl Streep - she is  human being of great beauty in her regard
for her fellow members of the larger community - that have given her
what are her endowments in respect of physical and spiritual beauty -
which all should want to emulate that are similarly of similar roots
and in this regard I thank god for her presence on this earth as she
was in this movie and would gladly lay down my life to see her continue
with saneness and a greater sense of security than she might be
given if the world continues to become more and more dissonant
to her merited ideas instead.

with thanks

Michael Rizzo Chessman