Poirot - Agatha Christie  Poirot (by Agatha Christie)- David Suchet


This is an enjoyable Detective storyline series and popular certainly, although Peter Ustinov who plays
the role of Hercule Poirot in movie theater versions of othero Poirot mysteries made for the large screen
was the better man for the role had it been better scripted for his character than that which is portrayed by David Suchet as scripted that is. Anyway, its nice for family viewing as it does show some lack of respect and general decency towards the nice folks in Britain by the character portrayed by David Suchet as he displays arrogance insensitivity (to the point of seeming neanderthal should I say - in one scene he causes a British army officer to commit suicide with a revolver, after Suchet's character berates him to the point of inane on matters of so-called integrity and chivalry - the poor (British) chap could take no more and takes a quick exit "on the spot" to end the pain it would appear.

In another earlier episode Suchet speaks condescendingly to a German british woman (who shows much spirit and human intelligence with wit) and he suggests to her that he agrees that she is "intelligent" The dear woman in question retorts that "he is probably going to want to be handing out Diploma's next" to those he ultimately "approves of" despite their rejection of his feigned idea of superior intellect in his own mind thinking only of himself despite lack of merit in most part and seemingly amidst an awkward sense of rejection of this failing from those around him in many of the episodes I figure. Then there's the insane other comments he makes such as complaining that the two boiled eggs served at a restaurant for his breakfast were "imperfect" as they weren't of equal size. Oh well neither is a brain which stoops to this level of inanity in displaying ideas of so-called
'perfectability" in what is normal and natural enough to accept on face value as a good enough way to be.

All that said, there's many interesting stories (its Agatha Christie after all for gods sakes) interesting
banter at times for shure, and elaborate sets and expensive seeming production expendiures in sets
and costumes too. Anyway all our folks in Europe and elsewhere that are drawn to this material
should have at least a sample version for enjoyment and edification through a sharing of ideas on the
characters involved, most particularly that of "Poirot" himself - mainly a fish out of water without
a doubt as should be the verdict rendered I suggest wholeheartedly. amen.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo popular BBC and related TV series features)

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