Polish Wedding (1998)

In Stars Gabriel Byrne (Millers Crossing) and Claire Danes as a gal from Poland or with Polish ancestry perhaps The people from Poland who I've met in Canada - including Leanna from my days in Grade 10+ high school (I thought she was Ukrainian from what someone had said - however turned out she was Polish) - was the gal with the most beautiful looks and spirit in the entire Province in which I went to school studying Electronics in those early days here. She was supreme with beauty! And I've never seen any better of school kids here since. I also recall Elizabeth, a Government (Crown attorney) Lawyer in Ontario who looked like a more beautiful Jessica Lange with the spirit of dear Melanie Griffith too - wow! What sheer beauty of spirit and countenance - shoulda married her! Then there was Alexandra and her husband who I met while assisting at at Computer Centre here where I did up resume's for new immigrants like them many years ago now, as a volunteer. They were so nice to deal with, I gave them an entire office full of new and expensive furniture when I was in a move to a small town in Ontario called Whitby back around 2000 - Other than my "brother" Clement (Italian stock - a man who is supreme in all respects) and Jose (my great brother-in-law from Chile who is just as good as Clement at heart) - Alexandra's husband and their friends were the nicest men and women I've met in this country - Germanic in spirit as they were but with human beauty of spirit and intelligence of humanistic warmth I have not seen anywhere else i have to add. Except for French additionally of course - more about that in a different upload. All I can say is that such folks deserve the best treatment and environment in which to live free of some of the stupidities shown in this movie such as having such beautiful folks rudely mistreated or spoken to, or given jobs to clean "latrines" in order to destroy heir human superiority perhaps and make them "equals' to the inane.

The best Poles are the best equally to anything else there that is humanly as great I say!

Michael Rizzo Chessman