Nihili est qui nihil amat

"He is of no consequence that loves nothing"

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This is another of Alfred Hitchcock's top movie picks along the way.

This movie stars along with Jimmy Stewart, the most beautiful Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. Lovely gal indeed.

The moral of this sad story is that you never put a woman into harms way in the manner in which Grace Kelly is in this affair and with a poor story idea in this regard in any event. There is also shabby scripting at one point in any event when Stewart suggests that Kelly might be getting into a bit of "vicious" banter in what seemed like an innocuous exchange up to that point. You should hardly ever taint a woman of her kindly and decent virtue with such dialogue in my view in any event.

That all said, this is one of Hitchcock's most popular movies if not the most popular.Great cast (as dear Grace Kelly is featured of course - great memory to have of her seeing her in this movie after all these years), and a suspenseful story including a murder mystery along the way!

Michael Rizzo Chessman